Automated Lead Nurturing

With Solid Performers CRM, streamline and enhance your lead nurturing process effortlessly. Create multiple sequences of lead nurturing emails with diverse content to engage and convert high-potential leads. Utilize various channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, or Email to nurture your leads effectively and maximize your conversion rates.

Set time interval between the mails

Send communication updates based on stage or status

Have a different sequence for raw lead and a high potential lead. The choice is yours

Use multi-channels like email, SMS or WhatsApp

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Get it done in a few steps

Implementing the use cases in your business will take less than 10 minutes but can yield 10X growth in a short span. Our system is straightforward, enabling quick CRM implementation and faster team training compared to other CRMs.

Prepare the Sequence

Prepare the contents for lead nurturing email or WhatsApp sequences with specified time intervals for each message, ensuring consistent and timely communication with your leads.

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Setup Landing Pages

Easily create landing pages for every lead-nurturing email you design, complete with hyperlinks, to provide your leads with seamless access to relevant information and resources.

Prepare the content

Craft your content to captivate the reader’s attention and entice them to click on the link, directing them to visit the landing page. Engaging and compelling content increases the likelihood of click-throughs and enhances the effectiveness of your lead nurturing efforts.

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Capture Data using WebForms & Chatbots

Effortlessly capture data using built-in web forms or chatbots, eliminating the need for third-party integrations and streamlining your data collection process within the CRM itself.

Perform Advanced Sales Automations

After nurturing the lead, provide them with additional product/service-related information to facilitate effective closure. This comprehensive approach ensures that leads are well-informed and empowered to make informed decisions, ultimately increasing the likelihood of successful conversions.

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