Client management

Absolutely! Effective client management is key to driving significant business growth and outcomes. With the Best Customer Management CRM Software, you can manage your clients end-to-end, from initial contact to long-term relationship management. Streamline your processes, improve communication, and provide exceptional service to your clients, ultimately leading to increased satisfaction and business success.

Maintain AMC’s

With our Customer Management CRM Software, effortlessly manage recurring client payments by specifying the due date and contract duration. The system will automatically renew contracts until you decide otherwise, providing convenience and peace of mind while ensuring seamless continuity in your client relationships.

Email & SMS Automation

Absolutely! With our Customer Management CRM Software, you can set up automated triggers to send dynamic emails or SMS messages as soon as a client is received in the CRM. Customize these triggers based on various criteria such as client demographics, interactions, or engagement levels. This ensures that your communication with clients is timely, relevant, and personalized, enhancing their experience and improving your efficiency.

Quick Field Customization

The Best Customer Management CRM Software offers effortless customization of client module fields. You can tailor the CRM to suit your specific needs by adding, modifying, or rearranging fields as required. This flexibility ensures that you capture and manage the data that matters most to your business, enabling better client management and enhanced productivity.

Zero Followup Leakage

With our Best Customer Management CRM Software, you’ll receive timely notifications across various channels, including email, SMS, and within the CRM itself. These notifications ensure that you never miss a lead follow-up opportunity, helping you stay organized and responsive to potential clients. By staying on top of your leads, you can increase your chances of converting them into valuable customers and driving business growth.

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Boost your Sales Conversion rates with the Best Client management CRM software in Singapore

Effectively managing both pre-sales and post-sales activities is crucial for maximizing client value and retention. Often, existing clients receive less attention than new ones due to a lack of understanding of their value stemming from inadequate data. Additionally, turnover among sales personnel can lead to difficulties in transferring knowledge about existing clients. Our Best Customer Management CRM Software aims to address these challenges by centralizing client data, ensuring continuity in client relationships, and facilitating seamless knowledge transfer between sales personnel.

Build as you Need

Easily tailor the fields to match your business needs effortlessly. Our system allows you to create forms according to your requirements, using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Build your customized forms in minutes, ensuring they align perfectly with your business processes and capture the necessary information efficiently.

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Follow-up Reminders

Receive daily reminder notifications and timely alerts for necessary client actions, ensuring you never miss a follow-up opportunity. Stay organized and proactive with our system, helping you manage client interactions effectively and capitalize on opportunities for growth.

Email Trigger Automation

Once a client is added, our system can automatically send an email or SMS to the client based on predefined criteria for each action performed. This automated feature streamlines communication and ensures timely engagement with clients, enhancing customer satisfaction and relationship management.

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Multi-Select Filters

Effortlessly filter leads based on single or multiple criteria with our intuitive system. Set up filters for custom-created fields to gain better insights and understanding. This flexibility allows you to tailor your lead management process to suit your specific needs and preferences, ensuring efficient and effective lead management.

Consolidated View

Access comprehensive details about a client conveniently on a single page with our integrated system. View information such as proposals, invoices, support tickets, projects, contacts, and past lead communications all in one place. This centralized approach streamlines client management, enhances efficiency, and facilitates better decision-making.

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Summary of Payments

Easily access a summary of invoices raised, payments received, and pending payments for a client in a single view. Additionally, delve into detailed client views to gain comprehensive insights into payment history and outstanding balances. This consolidated approach empowers efficient financial management and enhances client relationship tracking.

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