Deal Management

Maximize the success of your deal through seamless team collaboration and meticulous progress tracking across multiple stages. Implement an efficient system to monitor every step of the journey, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Pipeline Builder

Easily project your pipeline’s value for the next 12 months and estimate closure values with intuitive dashboard visualization.

Email & SMS Automation

Automate dynamic email or SMS notifications for deal updates, ensuring timely communication without manual intervention. Set it up once and let the automation handle the rest seamlessly.

Special Fields

Leverage special fields such as expected closure date, value, and probability to enhance pipeline management, ensuring a more robust and efficient process.

Zero Followup Leakage

Receive timely notifications across various channels, including your CRM, to ensure you never miss an opportunity for follow-up, enhancing your ability to capitalize on leads effectively.

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Elevate your sales conversion rates in Singapore with the top-tier deal management CRM software

Maximize your deal management efficiency with the premier CRM software. Smart deal management is crucial for successful business closures, and the Best Deal Management CRM Software offers comprehensive solutions. Collaborate seamlessly with multiple team members on each deal and track progress through various stages effortlessly. Enjoy the flexibility of creating multiple deals for individual clients, ensuring a tailored approach to your sales process.

Build as you Need

Effortlessly tailor your form fields to match your business requirements with our intuitive customization feature. Simply drag and drop elements to create a form that suits your needs in just minutes. Enjoy the flexibility to design a personalized form that aligns perfectly with your business processes.

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Automated Reminders

Get a daily reminder notification and timely reminder notification whenever you need to perform an action for a deal. Never miss a follow-up again.

Email Trigger Automation

Automate the delivery of email or SMS notifications to deals upon addition, with the option to set time-delayed triggers. Customize multiple triggers with diverse combinations to ensure timely and personalized communication throughout the deal lifecycle.

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Multi-Select Filters

Effortlessly filter deals based on single or multiple criteria, including custom-created fields, to enhance understanding and streamline your workflow. Set up tailored filters to quickly access the deals that matter most, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your sales process.

Multiple Combinations

With our system, you can create multiple deals for a single client and assign various team members to each deal. Additionally, you can link different contacts from an organization to different deals, ensuring comprehensive collaboration and tailored communication for each opportunity.

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Quick Access

All deals created for a lead or client will be conveniently visible on the view page of the lead or client, ensuring quick access to data and preventing any missed communication. Stay organized and informed with comprehensive visibility into all interactions and opportunities associated with each lead or client.

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