PI Management

Easily generate a Proforma Invoice prior to receiving payment from the client, ensuring smooth account management. With just a click, download the invoice in PDF format or send it directly to your client from the CRM, simplifying the invoicing process and maintaining financial clarity.

Entirely cloud-based – never worry about losing data.

Access across devices – Laptop, Desktop, iPad, or Mobile

Click to Convert – Proposal to PI or PI to Invoice in a click.

All in One – Manage Proposal, PI & Invoice

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Multiple Status

You can set up various custom statuses for your Proforma Invoices (PI) and include due dates. The system will remind you if any deadlines are missed, ensuring you stay on top of your invoicing tasks and maintain timely communication with your clients.

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Convert in One Click

You can effortlessly convert a proposal to a proforma invoice or a proforma invoice to an invoice with just one click. Streamline your workflow and accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently with Solid Performers CRM.

Professional Look

Download professionally crafted Proforma Invoices (PI) with various header designs tailored to your business needs in less than a minute. Enjoy the convenience of quick and polished invoicing with Solid Performers CRM.

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Predefined Settings

Set predefined default settings for creating a Proforma Invoice (PI) once, and these settings will be automatically captured whenever you create a new PI, streamlining your invoicing process and ensuring consistency in your documentation.

Multiple Layouts

Easily create your custom header or Proforma Invoice (PI) layout, or choose from existing headers that suit your business requirements with just a click. Enjoy the flexibility to tailor your invoicing documents to match your branding and preferences effortlessly.

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Auto ID

Predefine the Proforma Invoice (PI) ID once, and the system will generate a continuous and unique ID for your proforma invoices automatically. This ensures consistency and organization in your invoicing process without the need for manual input.

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