Proposal Management

Craft exceptional and professional PDF proposals effortlessly with the Best Proposal Management Software. Utilize customizable templates to create polished proposals in minutes, ensuring a professional look and feel that enhances your chances of closing leads.

Moreover, leverage the tracking system integrated with the software for faster status updates and other functions aimed at boosting your business growth. Stay organized and proactive with streamlined proposal management, empowering you to maximize your sales effectiveness and drive success.

Download PDF

Easily generate professional PDF proposals and either download them for offline use or seamlessly send them directly to your prospects. With our software, you have the flexibility to choose the most convenient method for sharing your proposals while maintaining a polished and impressive presentation format.

Proposal Templates

Effortlessly create and manage multiple pre-defined proposal templates with our software. With just one click, import the desired template while creating your proposal, streamlining the process and ensuring consistency and efficiency in your proposal creation workflow.

Click to Convert

With the Best Proposal Management Software, seamlessly convert your proposals into professional invoices or purchase orders (PIs) with ease. Streamline your workflow by eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your invoicing process.

Zero Follow-up Leakage

Receive timely notifications across various channels, including your CRM, to ensure you never miss a follow-up opportunity for your proposals. Stay proactive and organized, maximizing your chances of closing deals and driving business growth with our integrated notification system.

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Boost your Sales Conversion rates with the Best Proposal management CRM software in Singapore

Elevate the professionalism of your business proposals with the Best Proposal Management Software. With Solid Performers, crafting a polished proposal is quick and easy, showcasing the elegance of a professional document. Download your proposals as PDFs for versatile use across various channels.

Moreover, streamline your proposal creation process by predefining static settings and contents, ensuring error-free proposals and enhancing efficiency in your workflow.

Import from Templates

With our Proposal Management CRM software, you can effortlessly customize proposal templates to adapt the content based on the specific product or service you’re offering. Enjoy the convenience of updating the proposal content with just one click, ensuring that each proposal is tailored to meet the unique needs of your clients and maximize your sales effectiveness.

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Duplicate or Convert

Absolutely, with our Proposal Management CRM software, you can convert proposals into invoices or proforma in just one click, streamlining your invoicing process and saving you valuable time. Additionally, you can duplicate existing proposals for new clients with ease, enabling you to replicate successful strategies and expedite your workflow. Accelerate your operations and achieve greater efficiency with our intuitive tools.

Professional Look

Easily download professionally crafted proposals tailored to your business needs in less than a minute with our Proposal Management CRM software. Choose from various header designs to match your branding, and enjoy features such as watermarks and page numbers for added professionalism. With our user-friendly interface, generating polished proposals has never been quicker or easier.

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Predefined Settings

With our Proposal Management CRM software, you can conveniently predefine default settings for creating proposals once, ensuring consistency and efficiency in your proposal creation process. These predefined settings will be automatically captured each time you create a new proposal, saving you time and minimizing errors. Enjoy seamless workflow and enhanced productivity with our intuitive system.

Multiple Layouts

Absolutely! With our Proposal Management CRM software, you have the flexibility to create custom headers tailored to your specific business needs, or choose from a range of existing headers that best suit your requirements. Plus, you can easily change the header whenever necessary, ensuring that your proposals always reflect your brand identity and messaging accurately.

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Auto ID

Certainly! Our Proposal Management CRM software allows you to predefine a Proposal ID, ensuring that each proposal is assigned a continuous and unique identifier. This Proposal ID can be used for multiple references in the future, providing a convenient way to track and manage your proposals effectively.

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