Best Sales Automation CRM with Advanced Sales Automation

With our leading Sales Automation CRM, streamline your sales process by automating lead collection from multiple sources and allocating them to your sales team seamlessly. Set triggers for all primary modules based on various actions, ensuring perpetual automation of key sales activities. From lead generation to team allocation, all aspects of the sales process are managed efficiently within a single platform, enhancing productivity and effectiveness.

Lead Nurture

Nurture your leads effectively with automated delayed emails tailored to specific criteria. Set up automation to trigger these emails only when the specified criteria are met, ensuring timely and targeted communication that enhances engagement and moves leads through the sales funnel effectively.

Email & SMS Automation

Automate your communication with dynamic emails or SMS notifications triggered by lead submission in the CRM. Customize triggers based on various criteria, ensuring personalized and timely responses to each lead. This automation streamlines the lead management process, improves engagement, and maximizes conversion opportunities.

Auto Allocation

Configure the settings once, and watch as leads are automatically assigned to your sales team on a rotational basis, considering various sources. This ensures fair distribution of leads among your sales representatives, optimizing workload management and maximizing the potential for conversion across all channels.

WhatsApp Automation

With billions of users worldwide, WhatsApp offers a powerful platform for automation similar to other communication channels. Leverage WhatsApp automation to engage with customers, send notifications, provide support, and streamline various business processes effectively. Harnessing the widespread popularity of WhatsApp can significantly enhance your reach and efficiency in engaging with your audience.

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Get Set Go with Best Sales Automation CRM

Unlock smarter selling capabilities for your sales team with intelligent automation and analytics provided by the Best Sales Automation CRM. By automating repetitive manual tasks, you can free up valuable time for you and your sales team to concentrate on closing deals every day. This streamlined approach enhances productivity and leads to increased sales success.

Dynamic Content

Absolutely! Utilizing short codes, you can seamlessly integrate lead or deal data into your message templates, allowing for personalized communication with each user. This level of customization enhances engagement and strengthens relationships with your leads and customers, ultimately driving sales and fostering loyalty.

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Quick Automation

With our Sales Automation CRM, you can effortlessly create multiple automations tailored to various requirement criteria within minutes. Simply define your automation rules and criteria, and the system will handle the rest. This enables you to streamline your sales processes efficiently, saving time and ensuring consistent and effective automation across your sales

Time Delayed Trigger

Absolutely! With our Sales Automation CRM, you can nurture your leads effectively using time-delayed automation. Set up triggers to activate automation after a specified duration, whether it’s a day, week, or month, according to your specific requirements. This allows for timely and targeted communication with leads, ensuring engagement and progression through the sales funnel at the right pace.

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Multi-Select Filters

Indeed! Our Sales Automation CRM enables you to create triggers using combinations of various filter criteria. These triggers will only activate if they meet the exact requirements specified, ensuring precise automation tailored to your needs. Additionally, you have the flexibility to easily restrict or modify trigger usage as necessary, providing you with full control over your automation processes.


Absolutely! With our Sales Automation CRM, you can set triggers for various communication channels such as email, SMS, or WhatsApp. Moreover, you have the flexibility to customize the content of these messages based on the specific channel. This allows for tailored communication that is optimized for each platform, maximizing engagement and effectiveness across all channels.

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Unlimited Combinations

With Solid Performers, there are no limitations on creating trigger combinations. You have the freedom to generate any number of triggers, empowering you to optimize your sales processes and drive more sales. This flexibility allows you to tailor your automation strategies to your unique business needs, maximizing efficiency and results.

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