Build Sales Pipeline & Forecast

With Solid Performers CRM, building a healthy sales pipeline is a breeze, achievable within a short timeframe. Effortlessly segregate potential prospects from general leads and leverage additional tools for accurate closure forecasting, empowering your sales team to make informed decisions and drive success.

Deal/ Opportunity Module to manage the data

3 Primary fields to estimate the value in a better way

Flexible option to modify the forecast at any point in time

One-click convert from lead to deal or deal to a client

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Implementing these use cases in your business can be accomplished in less than 10 minutes, yet they can yield 10X growth in a short timeframe. Our system is user-friendly, enabling quick CRM implementation and faster team training compared to other CRMs.

Data Segregation

Easily convert highly potential leads into a separate module called Deal/Opportunity within the CRM, allowing you to focus on nurturing and closing these promising prospects efficiently.

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Separate Stage & Status

Customize stages and statuses for deals separately from leads, tailoring them to accurately monitor the progress of your sales pipeline. This flexibility ensures that you can track deals through their unique journey from lead to closure effectively.

Estimated Value, Closure Value & Probability

By leveraging these three primary parameters, you can generate a deal pipeline forecast for the next year, providing valuable insights into future sales projections and enabling strategic planning for business growth.

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Flexible to modify the pipeline value

Modify the probability or deal value at any time, and the forecast will automatically adjust accordingly. This dynamic feature ensures that your deal pipeline forecast remains accurate and up-to-date, reflecting changes in real-time to support informed decision-making.

1 Year Forecast Graph

In your sales dashboard, you’ll find graphical representations of the pipeline for the next year, providing a visual overview of projected sales opportunities. This intuitive display enhances understanding and facilitates effective decision-making to drive business growth.

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