Best Ticket Management

“Generate tickets seamlessly by integrating our CRM with your website’s support forms. Customize the web forms to match the aesthetic of your site and effortlessly create tickets directly within the CRM. This integration streamlines the process, ensuring all support requests are efficiently managed and tracked.”

Auto Allocation

Set up the allocation settings once, and watch as tickets are automatically distributed to your support team in a rotational manner. This ensures fair distribution of workload and efficient handling of customer inquiries.

Email & SMS Automation

Automate your communication with dynamic emails or SMS notifications triggered by ticket receipt in the CRM. Configure diverse triggers based on specific actions, ensuring timely and personalized responses to customer inquiries and enhancing overall engagement and satisfaction.

Zero Delay Delivery

Effortlessly monitor the duration dedicated to each ticket and establish a comprehensive system to notify clients of estimated completion times. This ensures transparency and enhances client satisfaction by keeping them informed throughout the support process.

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Best Support System

Our Ticketing Management System simplifies the handling of client-raised issues regarding your products or services. Automate SMS or email notifications upon ticket submission to reassure your clients. Each ticket is assigned a unique ID automatically, allowing for easy tracking of progress, including resolution time. This seamless process provides peace of mind to your clients and enhances overall satisfaction with your support services.

Build as you Need

Tailor the fields to match your business requirements effortlessly. Utilize our user-friendly interface to customize the form according to your specific needs. With easy drag-and-drop functionality, you can swiftly build a personalized form in minutes, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your business processes.

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Track Time Spent

Effortlessly track the end-to-end time dedicated to resolving each ticket, providing insight into both individual contributions and overall completion time. This comprehensive tracking system ensures efficient management of support efforts and allows for thorough analysis of performance metrics.

Automatic Triggers

Upon ticket creation, automate the delivery of emails or SMS notifications to the client, ensuring prompt communication at every stage. Customize these automated actions based on various criteria, ensuring timely and personalized responses to client inquiries and actions. This streamlined process enhances client satisfaction and engagement with your support services.

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Multi-Select Filters

Efficiently filter tickets based on a variety of criteria, whether single or multiple, to streamline your workflow. Easily configure filters for custom-created fields, enhancing your ability to categorize and prioritize tickets for better organization and understanding. This feature simplifies ticket management, allowing you to focus on resolving issues effectively.

Web Support Form

Easily generate a support web form directly from your CRM and seamlessly integrate it with your website. Utilize automation to gather all submitted tickets from your website directly into the CRM, streamlining the process and ensuring all inquiries are efficiently managed and tracked in one central location.

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Set Priority

Assign different priority levels to tickets and address urgent ones with high priority to prevent critical situations. Utilize filters to identify and prioritize tickets based on your specific requirements, ensuring timely resolution of urgent issues and effective management of support efforts. This proactive approach helps maintain customer satisfaction and prevents potential escalations.

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