Best Contact Management CRM Software for Business

Easily streamline your business contacts with the assistance of Solid Performers CRM. Our top-notch Contact Management CRM Software simplifies the process of adding multiple contacts to a client and seamlessly syncs with your Google phone contacts.

One-Click Convert

With just one click, effortlessly transition a potential contact into a lead, seamlessly transferring all previous updates associated with the contact to the lead.

Email & SMS Automation

Automate personalized email or SMS notifications upon adding a contact to the CRM. Configure diverse triggers based on specific criteria for seamless communication.

Simple Field Customization

Tailor the fields in the premier Contact Management CRM Software to suit your specific needs effortlessly.

Zero Followup Leakage

Receive timely notifications across multiple channels and within the CRM platform itself, ensuring you never miss a lead follow-up opportunity.

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Manage Data Seamlessly using the Best Contact Management CRM Software

Manage an unlimited number of contacts in your CRM account with full functionality, including the ability to add custom fields alongside default ones in our top-tier Contact Management CRM Software. Integrate your CRM contacts seamlessly with Google Contacts, ensuring that any new contact added in the CRM is automatically synced with your phone contacts.

Build as you Need

Effortlessly tailor fields to your business requirements with our intuitive customization options. Utilize our drag-and-drop feature to quickly build forms that suit your needs, allowing you to create tailored solutions in a matter of minutes.

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Follow-up Reminders

Receive daily reminder notifications and timely alerts whenever action is needed for a contact, ensuring you never miss a follow-up opportunity again.

Automatic Triggers

Automate the process of sending emails or SMS messages to leads as soon as an inquiry is added. Customize these automated actions based on various criteria for every action performed, ensuring seamless communication and efficient follow-up.

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Multi-Select Filters

Effortlessly filter leads based on various criteria, whether single or multiple, to streamline your workflow. Customize filters for custom-created fields to gain better insights and understanding of your data.

Sync with Google

In just a few clicks, effortlessly connect your CRM to your phone contacts. This streamlined integration eliminates the need to repeatedly input data, making your workflow incredibly efficient and hassle-free.

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Flexibly add multiple companies/clients to a single contact or vice versa, incorporating multiple contacts into a single company as per your business requirements. This versatility ensures that your CRM adapts seamlessly to your unique business needs.

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