Best Invoice Management

Effortlessly generate professional-grade invoices with our intuitive platform. With just a click, download the invoice in PDF format or send it directly to your client from the CRM, ensuring seamless transactions and professional standards.

Download PDF

Generate invoices in a professional PDF format and easily download or send them directly to your clients from the CRM, ensuring a polished and efficient invoicing process.

One Click Convert

With just a click, seamlessly convert a proposal to a proforma invoice or a proforma invoice to a regular invoice. Eliminate the need to repeatedly enter the same details, streamlining your invoicing process for enhanced efficiency.

Manage Payments & Status

Customize the status of your proforma invoices to fit your workflow seamlessly. Additionally, efficiently manage received payments directly within the Invoice module, ensuring comprehensive control and organization of your financial transactions.

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Professional Look & Feel

Solid Performers offers comprehensive support beyond lead and client details management by facilitating the creation and management of invoices and payments in a simplified manner. Customize tax options according to your country’s standards and adjust currencies based on client requirements, all within a single, user-friendly panel for seamless management.

Gateway Integration

Include your bank details or payment links directly with the invoice, allowing your clients to easily access and utilize this information for making payments, streamlining the payment process for both parties.

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Convert in One Click

Effortlessly convert a proposal or proforma into an invoice with just one click, eliminating the need to re-enter the same details, thereby streamlining your invoicing process and saving you valuable time and effort.

Professional Look

Download professionally crafted invoices tailored to your business needs in less than a minute, featuring various header designs to enhance your branding and presentation.

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Predefined Settings

Set predefined default settings for invoice creation once, ensuring that these details are automatically captured whenever you create a new invoice, saving you time and ensuring consistency across your invoicing process.

Multiple Layouts

Easily create a custom header or invoice layout, or select from existing headers that best suit your business requirements with just a click, offering flexibility and customization options to meet your branding needs.

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Auto ID

Define the invoice ID once, and it will generate continuous and unique IDs for your invoices automatically. Say goodbye to data mishaps and enjoy a streamlined invoicing process with ease.

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