Best Project Management Software

With its comprehensive features for managing customer details alongside complete project information and associated tasks, Solid Performers CRM shines as one of the premier Project Management Software solutions. Easily create tasks within specific projects and subtasks within primary tasks, streamlining your entire project management workflow with ease.

Multiple Members

Allocate multiple team members to a complete project and assign restricted team members to perform specific tasks, ensuring efficient collaboration and task management within your project team.

Multi-Level Management

For each project, you can create multiple tasks, and within each task, you can further break down the work by creating multiple sub-tasks. This hierarchical structure allows you to easily manage and complete complex project work in a systematic manner.

Time Tracking

Track the total time spent by your team members in completing tasks or sub-tasks, as well as the overall time spent on the entire project, all in one convenient interface. This comprehensive time tracking feature ensures efficient project management and helps you stay on top of deadlines.

Track Progress Easily

Effortlessly monitor the current stage of the project, including completion percentage and deadline status. Receive notifications if deadlines are approaching or exceeded, ensuring you never miss a deadline and stay on track with your project timelines.

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Increase your Customer Satisfaction with the Best Project Management Software

Project management can indeed be a complex and costly endeavor, and improper management often leads to customer dissatisfaction and missed deadlines. However, with the assistance of the Best Project Management Software, we aim to alleviate these challenges by providing proper follow-up and reminders throughout the project lifecycle. Additionally, our platform ensures that even after a year, you can easily reference past project work from the comprehensive history of data, facilitating smoother operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Build as you Need

Absolutely! With our intuitive customization options, you can effortlessly tailor fields to fit your business needs. Our drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to create fields based on your project requirements, enabling you to build a customized solution in just a matter of minutes.

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Follow-up Reminders

Receive daily reminder notifications and timely alerts whenever an action is required for a project, ensuring that you never miss a follow-up and stay on top of your project tasks effectively.

Automatic Triggers

Receive timely notifications about project deadlines, deliverables, and detailed progress updates directly in the system. Stay informed and on track with your projects effortlessly.

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Multi-Select Filters

Effortlessly filter projects based on various criteria, whether single or multiple, to suit your needs. Customize filters for custom-created fields to gain better insights and understanding of your project data.

Project Progress

Easily track and effectively monitor the progress of your projects, including the percentage completed and the current stage, ensuring you stay informed and on track with your project timelines.

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Allocation Highlights

Newly allocated tasks will be prominently highlighted at the top for enhanced visibility, allowing you to take quick action and ensuring that no newly assigned task goes unnoticed.

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